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POI Organizer is a Macintosh OS X application for creating and organizing points of interest and loading them to a GPS Device.
System Requirements:

Any Macintosh running OS X 10.9 or later.
2MB of disk space.
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Welcome to the official POI Organizer web site!

POI Organizer was designed for and created on a Macintosh computer, specifically to address the need to create and organize points of interest for upload to a Garmin or TomTom GPS unit. The user interface should be familiar to any Mac user, styled after  the iTunes interface and using the latest OS X 10.7 technologies.

POI Organizer Features:

  • iTunes like interface
  • Import/Export of POIs in CSV, KML, KMZ, GPX or OV2
  • Collections to organize and group POIs
  • Searching within a collection (on name and comments)
  • Drag and Drop of POI between collections
  • Smart Collections (complex queries of POIs)
  • Integration with the Macintosh Address Book
  • Google Map Integration
  • Integration with Garmin POI Loader for uploading to a Garmin GPS unit
  • Integration with TomTom HOME for uploading to a TomTom GPS unit